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Codility confirms that a person who identified to us on-line as:
Jordan Atanasovski
was awarded
Codility Golden Award for the Digital Gold Challenge
This is the 54th Codility Golden Award granted this month.
  • Award type: Codility Golden Award (Digital Gold)
  • Expiration date: 2020-08-18 17:00:00 GMT
  • Challenge posted: 2018-08-18 17:00:00 GMT
  • Challenge solved: 2018-08-18 18:33:37 GMT
  • Time since posted: 93 minutes
  • Assessment: correct functionality and scalability
Codility logo Digital Gold golden Award Jordan Atanasovski
Codility assesses programming skills by applying actual programming tasks.
The bearer of this Award has delivered a flawless solution to one of our programming challenges.

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