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Future Mobility

Start date: Sept. 22, 2018, 5 p.m. UTC
Given N towers of stones, move stones between towers in order to get a requested number of stones on each tower, in a minimum number of moves.

At Volvo Cars we are creating the next generation of safety, autonomous driving and electrification technologies. We are looking for talent within the fields of Research & Development, Information Technology, Digital and Software Engineering, and Electronics. Join us in creating a new future for the automotive industry!

Our passion for customers and cars, our curiosity, courage, and respect unites 40,000 colleagues worldwide. As well as our Head Office in Gothenburg, Sweden, we have major facilities in China, Belgium, Malaysia, the USA, and India. When you join us, the scope of your mission becomes as global as the reach of our company, with presence in over 100 countries.

“We produce cars is a common slogan! But, we at Volvo Cars produce the safest cars! At Volvo cars, we are working on building future mobility. Each day starts here with a positive mind and enthusiasm. As a Software Engineer at Volvo Cars, I get to work with challenging and innovative projects to ensure delivering quality software to the cars. We as a team always strive to maintain congruity at every phase of software development. ”

– Haritha Gangineni, Software Quality Assurance Engineer

“Working in software development at Volvo Cars, your day never feels empty or boring. The common mindset is that there is no problem but a solution. Being part of the Volvo Cars team you are enabled to meet and collaborate with different types of people, departments, competences, and projects – it is hard to get bored in this company! Colleagues including managers are nice and caring, which provides flexibility to plan for your day yourself. What unites us all is that we are curious, we create together – and we aim to make a difference. This challenge requires you to be curious and tests your problem-solving skills - Good luck!”

– Derong Yang, Vehicle Motion & Control Engineer



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