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Jurassic Code

Start date: July 16, 2022, 5 p.m. UTC
Given a set of points on a plane, find the largest number of points that can be enclosed within a circle centered on the origin, such that the number of red points and green points inside it is equal.

Welcome to Jurassic Code!

During excavation, you found an ancient code snippet written down on a stone. Judging by the number of bugs, it dates back to the Paleolithic Period, at least. You’ll need to rewrite the code in order for it to work on modern devices, as we believe it might help with the dinosaur revival program.

The first 3 developers to solve the challenge perfectly in the least amount of time from the start of the challenge will be added to the Codility Hall of Fame and win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Once the Jurassic Code challenge has ended (on July 30th), you will still be able to take the challenge and gain certificates, but you will no longer be in the running for prizes.

Good luck solving this challenge!

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The challenge is now over, but you may still practice on this task. Below, you can also find a video with an explanation of possible solutions for the task:

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Hall of fame:

nuip qiun
Time: 5 minutes
乐平 汪
Time: 5 minutes
Albert Gutowski
Time: 7 minutes