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Yttrium 2019

Start date: Feb. 16, 2019, 5 p.m. UTC
Given a string, find the shortest substring that can be removed to yield a string that contains exactly K different characters.

Zalando Lounge is an online shopping club for fashion and lifestyle in 12 European countries headquartered in Berlin. We offer our members daily, time-limited sale campaigns with discounts of up to 75% off the recommended retail price on products ranging from shoes and clothing to accessories, sports apparel, and even homeware.

We use Java, Go and Javascript to power the sales campaigns where the time and the stock are limited - our members have to act fast in order to get their hands on their favorite items because once the products are gone, they are gone. We look for engineers who are innovative enough to break through the status quo, brave enough to fail and smart enough to win. Working for us, you will be provided with the trust to make decisions, the freedom to achieve mastery, and the opportunity to grow.

"At Zalando Lounge we build systems that can deal with our spiky traffic and high load – there are new problems and challenges every day. A solid programming background, problem-solving skills, attention to detail as well as a good understanding of time/space complexity are what it takes to stay on top of your game. This task allows you to test these skills."

– Jan Gorman, Engineering Lead at Zalando
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Tadeusz Sznuk
Time: 21 minutes
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