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Grand Challenge

Start date: Sept. 8, 2018, 5 p.m. UTC
Given a string S, find the length of the longest balanced substring of S.

Petuum, a World Economic Forum award winner, is a software infrastructure and ecosystem provider that enables AI for enterprise. Petuum industrializes AI, turning it from black-box artisanship into a highly-structured process. The company provides a development platform and gallery of AI building blocks that allow enterprise users to easily obtain or self-service their AI needs, starting either from reference designs provided by Petuum or building new solutions from the ground up.

This is your chance to demonstrate your engineering capabilities!

The selected task requires someone to precisely interpret the meaning of a problem and measure the ability of string handling and string processing via a sliding window and hash data structures.



2382 started 340 silver awards 122 golden awards

Hall of fame:

乐平 汪
Time: 33 minutes
Vikram Panwar
Time: 37 minutes
Ankit Goel
Time: 38 minutes