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Selenium 2018

Start date: Aug. 4, 2018, 5 p.m. UTC
Count the minimum number of moves required to rearrange sprinklers so as to maximize the number of farmland fields that get watered.

Each day, millions of transactions are processed on our platform, from Shanghai to San Francisco. In fact, if you ordered a pizza, caught a ride, or subscribe to music or movies, yours was probably one of them.

In spite of this scale, we are still only at the beginning of our potential. We are seeking back and frontend developers to join our team of 150+ developers to build out our global infrastructure. In this team, your work will help merchants grown revenue and improve the customer buying experiences in store, on mobile, and online all around the world.

Our people are our greatest asset. Our unique company culture attracts the smartest people, who take initiative and ownership and can truly contribute to our fast growth. We believe that you are able to reach the utmost if we give you freedom, opportunities, and responsibility to build Adyen.

“At Adyen, we are solving interesting technical challenges every day. Whether it is developing new features, refactoring to keep our codebase clean and usable, building better deployment pipelines or improving performance to keep our systems scalable: there are always challenging tasks to tackle. Therefore, we are always looking for bright, talented developers, who like to work in a dynamic environment and want to make an impact. The rate at which we develop new features, have them deployed in a live environment and impacting millions of shoppers and merchants globally, is what makes me love the work here at Adyen.”

– Pieter Huibers, Senior Developer & Tech Lead at Adyen
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1357 started 2 silver awards 137 golden awards

Hall of fame:

Dmitriy Chekmarev
Time: 11 minutes
Eduardo Avaria
Time: 16 minutes
Anton Puhach
Time: 21 minutes