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Zirconium 2019

Start date: March 2, 2019, 5 p.m. UTC
Divide developers into two teams to maximize their total contribution.

Asseco Poland is present everywhere where technology and business impact everyday life.

Our systems are used by banks, energy and telecommunication companies, the public sector and the health care service.

We know that we cannot fail and we take full responsibility for projects that we implement.

In this way, we have been building the trust in Asseco and its value for many years.

This would not be possible without a great and ambitious team. We are completely passionate about our work, are you?

Take a chance and show us your coding skills, good luck!

I want to know more!


4792 started 280 silver awards 569 golden awards

Hall of fame:

Peng Cao
Time: 5 minutes
Andrei Navumenka
Time: 5 minutes
Damian Werpachowski
Time: 6 minutes